At UDD Ventures we believe that what we do is very important for the development of Chile and to contribute a grain of sand to improve indicators of productivity and diversification of the productive matrix, key conditions to move towards a social structure more in line with OECD standards . Therefore, we know that the challenge is enormous and we face it with great enthusiasm every day.

At Ventures we understand that we must embrace uncertainty and face it appropriately, because only in this type of conditions, the startups of the future will be created. For this, we will support you to manage uncertainty and think big.

As a team, we know the importance of good management processes and we are constantly working to maintain a light operation and not grow too much, just trying to do what is relevant.

Our mantra is summarized in the following issues:

1. Don´t waste your time

2. Do your job today!

3. Protest with proposal

4. Remains in permanent beta state

5. Go all the way


We will wait for you.