Gonzalo Fuenzalida tells of his experience in the talk cycle Talk in Action of UDD Ventures

Last Thursday, the latest version of the year of the talk cycle “Talk in Action” was held, organized by UDD Ventures business accelerator. The successful Commercial Engineer, Gonzalo Fuenzalida, was in charge of telling his experience, in front of a group of entrepreneurs, which was based at iF Caja los Andes.

The founder of leading companies such as Ango (2013) -based on the development of biotech products- and Andes Crop Science (2016) -company developer of agricultural inputs based on microorganisms- commented on its difficult path to develop innovative products that today set the tone in the world market. He also explained the intense research and development that led him to achieve and be recognized as a successful entrepreneur worldwide.

“What motivates me to do this kind of thing is that when I was an entrepreneur and I was leaving I did not understand anything and I did not have anyone to learn from. Or at least someone who would tell me what things to look at or what kind of things to go wrong. If one in telling his experience somehow can save a person those stumbles and accelerate their development, I am paid. One tip for entrepreneurs who are starting out is that if you are going to go wrong, hopefully you will make a mistake and stop fast too. That is the most important message, especially if it is related to creation related to science. It is important not to have eternal developments, but to concretize and reach a point in the i + d where the research must end and must follow the development and application to the commercial side, fast, “said Gonzalo Fuenzalida.

“Talk in Action” is an initiative of UDD Ventures that aims to publicize various cases of national success and encourage accelerated entrepreneurs, which was supported by Transbank.